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We're Your Pool Service offers customers in Old Tappan and surrounding areas an exceptional level of pool company services. From weekly care to pump repairs, we're your one-stop resource for all the services that you need.

Having a pool is beyond rewarding, but it also requires a great deal of maintenance. In fact, few pool owners realize how much maintenance is required until they have a pool of their own.

Home and business owners who are wise about time management planning, hire us. Why spend all your free time cleaning your swimming pool when you could be enjoying it? Call us for service in Old Tappan.

Hire The Right Experts For Pool Closings

The only thing more depressing than pool closing time is when you have to tend to the work yourself. Savvy Old Tappan pool owners know to trust us for pool closings.

There's a lot to take care of when the season ends. The work we do keeps your pool safe through the inactive and cold season.

It's also the key to success when it comes time again for you to open your pool back up in the spring. Our inclusive pool closing services take care of a checklist with tasks like:

  • Shut Down Filtration
  • Winterize the Pool and Filtration System
  • Conduct a Visual Inspection
  • Remove and Breakdown Accessories
  • Final Cleaning
  • Shock Treatment (prior to closing)
  • Add Winterization Chemicals
  • Installation of Winter Cover

We don't want you to have to give your pool another thought. We'll be there for pool openings and closings each year, and that lets you focus on enjoying your pool.

Expert Service For Residential And Commercial Property Owners

Since 1983, we've been going above and beyond to address the needs of local customers. We work with home and business owners, keeping the swimming pool running smoothly during the peak season.

Some of the work we offer from our extensive catalog of services includes:

  • Pool Tiling
  • Pool Coping
  • Pool Pumps
  • Saltwater Pools
  • LED Pool Lighting
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Plus, More

Ask anyone who has ever had a swimming pool, and they'll tell you they weren't prepared for the amount of maintenance that would be involved. However, you can ease the load by delegating the tasks to trusty experts.

We're proud to be the preferred resource for pool related services. Call us immediately so that we can show you, in person, why we're the best resource for Old Tappan pool company services.

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