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We're Your Pool Service takes great pride in being a preferred local professional pool company with a reputation for our commitment to excellence for every pool service we perform. Our team of experts knows what to look for to keep your pool clean and well-maintained throughout the entire summer.

Since 1983, we've been the company to trust for all services related to swimming pool upkeep, repairs, and improvements. Our expert technicians are dedicated to ensuring that each of our residential or commercial clients gets the maximum use and enjoyment from their pool.

Pool heaters

Pool Heaters

Any pool contractor you plan on working with should have plenty of extensive knowledge about pool heaters. As rewarding as they are, they're not immune to repair issues, and you need a pro that's proficient and can ensure the longevity and performance of your heater.


Pool pumps

Pool Pumps

An integral component of keeping your pool maintained is making sure that the pool pump is working correctly. Otherwise, you end up with stagnant water and related problems.


Pool filter

Pool Filters

Pool filters work with the pump to keep the water clean. We'll make sure your filter is capable of capturing impurities and doing its part to keep your pool clean.


Pool opening

Pool Openings

Partnering with a pool contractor take care of pool openings at the beginning of each season will make this process much easier. You can entrust this duty to We're Your Pool Service and know the work will be carried out promptly and professionally.


Pool closing

Pool Closings

Winterizing your pool is critical to avoid damages from occurring during the freezing winter months. Proper pool closings also make it that much easier to open the pool without issues when the warm weather moves in again.


Pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance

For you and your family to be able to enjoy the swimming pool, there's a lot of maintenance that goes on behind the scenes. Let us do our job taking care of regular pool maintenance so you can do your job - which is to enjoy the pool.


Pool tiling

Pool Tiling

The look and upkeep of your pool tiling make a significant difference. We're the pros to call when you need repairs or a new look for your swimming pool.


Pool coping

Pool Coping

There are plenty of options available for pool coping. We'll help you decide which one is right for your pool.


Vinyl line replacement

Vinyl Liner Replacement

When you develop a problem that requires vinyl liner replacement, you need a professional that you know you can depend on for quality materials and service. We're the experts that local home and business owners trust for vinyl liner replacement.


Saltwater pools care

Saltwater Pools

More homeowners are making the transition to saltwater pools for various reasons. We'll help with this or maintenance, for a swimming pool that fits the home of your dreams.


Led pool lighting

LED Pool Lighting

LED pool lighting is popular because it's more energy efficient. Plus, it's known to look clearer and more vibrant, turning your pool area into an oasis.


Weekly full service

Weekly Full Service

Stay current with your pool upkeep by letting our experts handle your weekly full service. It can get complicated, and it's easy to get behind on the maintenance, so let us handle it for you.


Variable speed pumps

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable Speed Pumps let you control the pump's speed, and we'll maintain the pump itself. For this and any other service you need from an expert pool contractor, contact our expert team today.


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