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Updating And Upgrading With LED Pool Lighting

Led pool lighting

Another significant shift we've seen as a pool company that's been around since 1983, is in pool lighting. More pool owners are transitioning to LED pool lighting, and we don't blame them.

The We're Your Pool Service team is glad to see so many home and commercial property owners changing to LED lighting. There are several benefits, and this changes the overall outdoor living experience completely.

LED pool lighting compared to standard pool lighting is the difference between night and day. Whether you need installation, maintenance, repairs, or replacement, entrust our pros to get the job done.

Reap The Benefits of LED Lighting

For both freshwater and saltwater pools, LED pool lighting is a welcome addition. LED has become more popular when compared to traditional incandescent and halogen lighting for pools.

If you don't already have this style of lighting, it's time to start planning for it.

For now, envision what it could look like and consider some of the top-selling points for LED pool lights:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Visual Effects
  • Automation
  • Increased Longevity
  • Less Maintenance

By now, you've probably seen the difference between LED lighting in other settings, such as holiday decorations and interior lighting. You can have this same type of dramatic transformation for the lighting in and around your swimming pool.

As with most upgrades, especially any that are energy-efficient, the upfront investment is higher. However, in the long run, the trade-offs are the savings you'll see on your energy bills and maintenance.

LED Pool Lights For Homes And Commercial Property

Your home is your most significant and most important investment; your swimming pool is a part of that. Even if your pool is part of a commercial venture, the pool is for the enjoyment of your guests.

Opting for LED lights makes good sense. It enhances the value and enriches the experience.

LED lighting burns brighter and is more vibrant. It's a totally different experience when compared to the illumination created by incandescent or halogen lights.

It makes nighttime swimming more pleasant and safer. Plus, you get a spectacular light show across the bottom of the pool.

You also have countless options for visuals and automation that can be a real game-changer for how you use your pool and the enjoyment level. Call We're Your Pool Service to ask about LED pool lighting or to go ahead and make your appointment with our experts.

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