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Enjoying The Great Outdoors With a Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools care

In recent years, saltwater pools have become all the rage. Homeowners have been contracting our pool company for conversion and maintenance work in record numbers.

At We're Your Pool Service, we've been around for close to 40 years and have seen significant changes in the industry. One of these changes has been the shift in popularity to saltwater pools.

We're honored to be the preferred local team to call for all services related to swimming pools. So, when you need professional pool service and maintenance, do yourself a favor and contact our dedicated pros.

Benefits And Advantages of Saltwater Pools

If you didn't know any better, you'd think a pool is a pool, right? You still need service for things like pool pumps, whether you have a traditional pool, or one filled with saltwater.

So, What Are Some Common Reasons Home And Commercial Property Owners Decide to Opt For Saltwater?

  • Lower Chlorine Levels
  • Less Need to Handle Chlorine
  • Less Need to Store Chlorine
  • Gentler on Eyes and Skin
  • Softer Feeling Water
  • Require Less Maintenance

Over time, saltwater pools cost less in maintenance. However, the initial cost is higher.

It's important to be aware of that before deciding if this style of swimming pool is right for your home or business. The enjoyment and safety of you and your loved ones is probably your top concern, and rightfully so.

That being said, it's critical to know that studies indicate that regular exposure to heavily chlorinated pools poses long-term risks. For that reason alone, many homeowners choose to install or convert their existing pool to saltwater.

Making Choices About Your Swimming Pool

How often you and your family, or guests for commercial property owners, use the pool may be a deciding factor about whether you want a saltwater pool. For anyone concerned with quality water with fewer chemicals for better and safer enjoyment, this is the ideal approach to take.

This is also a good time to clear up a popular misconception about saltwater pools - they're not as salty as swimming in the ocean. The water used in your pool isn't as heavily salted as seawater; it's about a tenth of the salinity.

Also, saltwater pools aren't free from chlorine. However, these pools rely on the electrolysis process to create chlorine, and this disinfects the water.

Put an end to wondering if this is right for you. Call us today and ask about saltwater pools for your home or business.

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