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Vinyl Liner Replacement Services

Vinyl line replacement

We're Your Pool Service helps residential and commercial property owners with pool maintenance. However, even the most diligent pool owner is going to end up needing vinyl liner replacement.

As a pool company, we've been around for almost four decades. We can attest to the fact that vinyl-lined pools are the most common types. That's because there are plenty of benefits such as low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and smooth to the touch.

However, vinyl liner replacement is not a simple task and is something you'll need our experts to handle for you. The better-quality liner and replacement job you choose, the better off you and your pool will be.

Durability And Longevity of Vinyl Pool Liners

Before arranging for any service, you probably have some questions. One of the primary concerns is for the length of time your liner will hold up. What affects your vinyl liner replacement, and determines how long it will last?

  • Type of Wear and Tear
  • Frequency of Use
  • Amount of Sunlight Exposure
  • Care and Weekly Full Service Maintenance
  • Quality of Liner and Installation

Taking all of that into consideration, the average lifespan of a vinyl liner is about 10 years. The most significant contributing factor for longevity is how much use your pool gets.

Plus, the type of wear and tear the pool is subjected to plays a major role, as well. A pool used for mainly lap swimming doesn't go through the same abuse as a pool with kids using it all day, every day.

Neither type of use is the right or wrong way to use the pool; it's just going to have a different impact on the liner, as well as other components of the pool. To find out more, call us today to schedule your vinyl liner replacement.

Enjoying Your Swimming Pool

Concrete is the other option instead of vinyl. Anyone who has ever scrapped and elbow or knee on concrete can easily see why so many people prefer a vinyl liner.

Yet, unlike concrete, vinyl liners will need replacement. Some signs that indicate it may be time to take care of this task include:

  • Wrinkles
  • Sudden Drop in Water Levels
  • Tears
  • Leaks
  • Separations
  • Change in Texture of Liner

A big surprise for pool owners is that vinyl liner replacement is a job that's most appropriate for warm weather conditions. Although cold weather would be the ideal time for a replacement because you're not using the pool, the liner won't adhere properly.

The good news is that the job can be done relatively easily and quickly. So, plan on replacement with time left over in the season to continue using your swimming pool.

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