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Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Company Service

Q. Do I Need Weekly Pool Service?

  • It's an excellent idea to have regular pool service from an industry professional every week. This will help keep the water condition where it should be, monitor for repair needs, and be there to do the work for you.

Q. Why Can't I Do My Own Pool Service?

  • Some homeowners opt to do their own pool tasks, like maintaining the pH balance and cleaning it. However, that's also a common way to end up with neglect and unexpected repair needs. Leave the hard work to the experts at We're Your Pool Service, and then all you have to do is enjoy your time swimming, playing, or relaxing in the pool.

Q. Is a Pool Heater Necessary?

  • Even in warmer climates, a pool heater makes using the pool more enjoyable. In a region like ours, with frigid weather, a pool heater is almost mandatory for frequent use, even during warm weather. It takes a lot of time for your pool water to warm naturally, so having a heater lets you use your pool longer and make the time you use it more enjoyable.

Q. Does Pool Closing Require Draining It?

  • There's no reason to drain the pool at the end of the season completely. An empty pool is more susceptible to cracks and damage from the cold weather and ground, so it should be partially filled. Opt for professional pool closing service and opening, and your pool will be easily manageable.

Q. What Should I Expect From Pool Opening Service?

  • For one thing, make sure you schedule your service prior to the arrival of warm weather. We'll remove winterizing components, reassemble the pump, install ladders, and get equipment started up. The point is to make sure the pump, filter, vacuum, etc. are working. Then it's on to cleaning and prepping it for seasonal use.

Q. What Are The Benefits of LED Pool Lights?

  • Most pool owners are using LED lights now. They're preferable to standard lighting for several reasons: less energy consumption, lower utility costs, and longer bulb lifespan. Plus, for swimming pools, it creates more vibrant and dramatic lighting.

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